Studio Etiquette

  • Please refrain from talking while in the Mysore room unless it’s with your teacher and it pertains to your practice
  • Please do not bring water into the practice room unless there is a medical reason that makes it necessary
  • Mysore style has physical assists and adjustments and if for any reason you do not wish to be assisted or adjusted please inform the teacher before you begin your practice. You can always opt out of a physical adjustment anytime during your practice.
  • You may bring your phone into the practice room for the purpose of using the mobile parking app, but please make sure it’s on silent and refrain from using it for any other reason.
  • Be mindful of students who enter the room and please move your mat to create space for them if necessary. 
  • During your closing sequence you may be asked to use the closing room to create more space for entering students. 
  • After practice, please wipe up any sweat around your mat with a towel as other people will practice in that space. 
  • Visiting students – please email ahead of time to give notice to the teacher you’ll be attending class and also inform the teacher of any injuries you may have or any modifications your teacher has given you before you begin your practice.
  • Traditionally, visiting students practice the primary series the first day so the teacher can observe your practice.
  • Shower before practice or the night before making sure your hands and feet are clean. Your clothing, yoga mat, rug and towels should be cleaned on a regular basis


Mysore style Ashtanga yoga is traditionally taught via hands on adjustments from the teacher. We understand that some students may elect to not receive hands on adjustments at all or may prefer not to receive certain adjustments. Please let your teachers know if you have one of these preferences. It is our mission to serve our students and your comfort and safety are our top priority.