Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mysore style?

Mysore is the teaching method in which the student develops their individual practice under the guidance of an experienced teacher.  It emphasizes krama (progression) and vinyasa (breath and movement connection).  Each student is taught at his or her own pace with consideration of each individual’s health, age, level of life responsibilities, and other relevant factors.

The teachers carefully guide the students and offer adjustments, corrections and encouragement as needed. Students are given poses, one by one, by their teacher and memorize the ashtanga yoga sequence.  As the student gets more postures they gain more independence in their practice.  The teachers are able to work with students on a much more personal level which makes it ideal for both beginners and advanced practitioners. 

Students come in and start their practice at any point during the allotted time as long as they give themselves enough time to finish. Students’ practices vary in length beginning at 30-45 minutes and building to about an hour and a half.

What are options for beginners?

There are 3 options for beginners at Main Line Mysore!
  1. 6-week Introduction to Ashtanga Course (Please read below for more information)
  2. 1 month commitment to the Mysore program attending 3x a week so teachers can help you learn the postures safely and effectively.
  3. Private lessons: If you feel you may benefit from one-on-one private instruction before coming to class please email us to set up your free consultation.

How do I get started?

If you are a beginner to Ashtanga yoga the best place to start is the 6-week Introduction to Ashtanga Course. New students are asked to arrive at 6:15am for their first class. This allows the teacher to give you plenty of individual attention. Please email the program director before you plan to attend your first class. The Ashtanga yoga sequence builds through memory, repetition and practice. We request that new  students commit to one month, at a minimum of three days a week as ritual and consistency are built into this system. This is for your benefit and to preserve the integrity of the teaching method.

What is led primary?

Led primary is the full primary sequence done in the vinyasa count.  All students practice at the same pace. This is an important part of your weekly ashtanga routine as it reinforces the correct vinyasa count, builds strength and encourages the practitioner to focus on their breath.

Can I practice led primary?

Led primary is not appropriate for true beginners.  Once you begin a Mysore practice your teacher will let you know when it’s time for you to attend the led primary class.  You will stop your practice at the final pose you’ve been given by your teacher.

What is Ladies' Holiday?

It is recommended that women do not practice for the first three days of their menstrual cycle.  This is because the inversions may disrupt the natural flow of your cycle and also because it is more difficult to engage your bandhas during this time.  Without the proper engagement of your bandhas it is more likely you can be injured.

How often should I practice?

Traditionally, students practice 5-6 days a week.  While you don’t have to practice at the studio 5-6 days it is important to come at least 3x a week so your teacher can observe your practice to offer guidance and assistance.