Patty Hicks

I walked into my first led ashtanga class 20 years ago and was immediately hooked. Not only did I love the structure, therapeutic and physical qualities of the practice, but I was drawn to the meditative aspects as well. I quickly dedicated myself to a daily Mysore practice under the guidance of my first teacher, Dee Silvers. I wanted to learn as much as could about Ashtanga yoga and was fortunate enough to be able to apprentice with Dee. During my time with her, I also began to study with her teacher, Manju Jois. Soon after, I began teaching beginners and assisting in the Mysore room. Over the years, I came to love and appreciate how this practice could be modified to support the changes in my life, especially during and after my pregnancies. Since beginning my practice I have taken many workshops and attended retreats to deepen my practice and understanding of the 8 limbs of the Ashtanga method. I always consider myself a student of this practice and I am so grateful for my current teacher, Elizabeth Sitzler, with whom I continue to study.  I am also a certified Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist (FRCms). When I’m not on my mat I am busy spending time with my husband and raising our three children.

Lydia Hurley

I began practicing yoga as cross-training for ballet to release muscle tension and increase mental focus while at Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (an internationally renowned ballet school). As a student of ballet I developed a sense of the intricate ways bodies move which has influenced my yoga practice and teaching. I eventually practiced yoga for itself and began to appreciate the spiritual aspects of it as well. While I originally shied away from Ashtanga, once I experienced the primary series, I loved that I was challenged to confront my weaknesses. I am passionate about the discipline involved in the Ashtanga practice and the process of progressing by studying the nuances of postures. I enjoy learning about different aspects of yoga and I look forward to growing into a well rounded practitioner. I began apprenticing Elizabeth Sitzler in the Mysore room in June 2018. I also received my 500hr teacher training certificate in June 2019. I am happy to be a member of the teaching team at Main Line Mysore and a part of our dedicated community.

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